Ma-Shiatsu – Shiatsu – Marie Krnakova:

Enjoy the spirit of shiatsu with it’s non-intrusive touch, allowing warmth and invoking the bodies natural healing response.  The focus of this touch is directed along energy channels called meridians and restore balance found within the meridian system of the body.  Focus on your whole wellbeing with this wonderful, calming and restorative therapy.  Visit or call 07949 453867

  Shiatsu – Pete Anderson:

Providing pain relief and releasing tension, this age old hands – on Japanese tradition. It is based on the same system as acupuncture, and involves stretching, holding, structural corrections and applying pressure onto various parts of the recipients body – improving energy flow, blood circulation, flexibility and posture. Call me for further information on: 0115 951 9801 or email me:, alternatively, visit my website:

Bowen Technique – Randy Barber:


Bowen Therapy is a form of hands on therapy in which gentle rolling type moves are applied across muscles, tendons and ligaments.  These moves are made at precise locations and in a specific sequence with short rest periods in between during which your body responds to the work.  Clients are not required to undress as the therapy can be applied through light clothing.  Bowen is thought to profoundly affect connective tissue in the body, releasing adhesions and areas of muscular holding.  It promotes relaxation, improves energy, enhances mobility, and promotes deeper more restful sleep.  For further information visit or call 07743 495588

Physiotherapist – Gary Fleming:

Therapist Gary Fleming

Private Specialist in IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation) Physiotherapist offering full service for ailments such as chronic pain; a specialised dry needling technique devised for chronic pain of neuropathic origin.  The effects are cummulative, needling stimulates a certain amount of healing, until eventually, the condition is healed and the pain disappears, sometimes lasting for up to 20 years.   Weekly treatments available. Call 07891 447226 to arrange an appointment at the Bay Therapy Centre.

Biomechanics – Libby Upton:

As a Biomechanics Coach, I am trained in intrinsic biomechanics and will be able to perform a full-body biomechanical screen, establishing any areas of mechanical weakness in you.

I can screen your shoulders, pelvis, knees, feet, nerves and muscles to see if they are functioning

Libby Upton

correctly.  If not, then I will be able to tell you whether that’s due to genetic issues or something that’s developing due to poor technique, posture problems, inadequate rehabilitation or ergonomic set up.

Once this has been established I will prescribe you an exercise programme to help eradicate the problems identified. I suggest periodical re-testing to evaluate progress, with the programme modified accordingly. Biomechanics coaching has been shown to improve performance and help prevent injury.

I also offer Sports Massage which will include a mini Biomechanics Assessment of the pelvis, shoulders and sciatic nerve.  The massage will focus on the muscles that are weak, tight or in spasm and you will be prescribed a series of exercises that you can do at home to complement the treatment.

For more information please visit my website or email me: or or please call 07983 592147.

Neurological Physiotherapist – Rob Tucker MCSP:

This is a specialist form of physiotherapy for those who have damage to their nervous system i.e. brain, spinal cord or peripheral nerves.  Such damage can lead to difficulty with moving, posture, co-ordination, standing, walking, balance, reaching and grasping.  These in turn will impact on your confidence and independence.  Physiotherapy will guide and assist your movement to regain co-ordination and posture.  It uses stretches and massage to improve flexibility whilst exercises build strength and endurance.  Re-learning balance strategies will improve your functional ability and boost confidence.  We provide specialised, tailored physiotherapy to an extensive range of patients including: stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, MS, Parkinsons disease, reduced mobility, balance or strength. Please call Rob for a consultation on: 07726 928626 or email:

Lisa Brindley – Full Movement Method

This wonderful therapy is a unique blend of ancient art and deep bodywork with a genuine philosophical foundation. Modern scientific understanding of pathology mixes with ancient cultural understanding of the ills that beset mankind, to provide a logical and rational working model for establishing WHAT is wrong with someone who is suffering pain and HOW and WHY it has occurred. The method has evolved over 20 years of clinical practice and has been tested on thousands of sufferers. Please call Lisa Brindley on 01949 860013/07854 506451 or email her on: for an introductory chat and to make an appointment.

Sapna Pandya – Ayur-Ved:

This ancient holistic tradition system spanning over 4000 years in India, uses the characteristics or ‘Dosha’, also referred to as energy force to balance the body’s physical and mental wellbeing.
I offer Ayurvedic massage, stimulating the marma points helping to remove blockages, enabling the five cosmic elements to flow and restore balance. Treatments include using herbal oils within a muslin bag or bolus, used in a rhythmical movements over the back and body, relieving tensions leaving your body feeling rejuvenated and revitalised. I charge £35.00 for back massage. Please call me on: 07958 670664.

Bowen Technique – Gill Slezakowska:

I have been working as a nurse for over 30 years but have always had an interest in complementary therapies. The treatments I have had led me to train as a Bowen Technique therapist and in Reiki. Bowen Technique is a gentle therapy that is done through the clients clothes and sends a message to the body to re-balance itself. The treatments are tailor-made to the clients problems and several problems could benefit from each treatment. Bowen can be given to pregnant ladies and children and in a seated position, if lying down is difficult.

Reiki is a calming treatment that can be non-contact, if the client prefers, and is also given through clothing. Please contact me on: 07913 745135 for further information or an informal chat.

Bowen  Technique – Pat Hughes:

Pat Hughes qualified in Bowen Therapy in 1997 and is a member of the Bowen Association UK and Bowtech the Australian Bowen Academy.

Using the fingers and thumbs, the practitioner makes a series of “rolling” moves on specific points all over the body. These points are on muscles, ligaments and tendons. The Bowen move deeply relaxes and detoxifies the whole body. It can help to reduce pain and tension allowing the body to recharge and rebalance itself. Bowen therapy is beneficial for back, neck & shoulder problems, for pregnant women with back pain, for stress, sports injuries, digestive problems, ME and asthma among others. It is suitable for all ages and children respond particularly well to the treatment.  Please call me for further information or to book an appointment/consultation: 07913 092667  or visit my website: