Waterfall Therapies – Rachel Burke BA, GQHP, GHR:

Sessions involve guidance into Deep and Therapeutic relaxation of the mind.  I combine Hypnotherapy with the latest in NLP Techniques (neuro-linguistic programming) which utilizes our own positive memories and feelings, to bring about new perceptions, and ways of experiencing our lives. I offer freedom from smoking* weight loss* Hypnotic Gastric band*stress management* cravings* depression* anxiety attacks* pregnancy relaxation* confidence issues…I also specialise in past life regression and much more….Visit www.waterfalltherapies.co.uk or call 0115 845 3928.

Hypnurture – Sophie Fletcher CNHC:

Hypnotherapy is a powerful, safe and effective treatment. Sometimes in as little as one session you can make significant changes in how you approach your life, whether it be reducing anxiety, building confidence in social situations or finally deciding to quit smoking. Growing evidence shows the benefit that hypnotherapy can make to a wide range of issues, sometimes in only a few hours. As a member of the Register for Evidenced Based Hypnotherapy, I am up to date and trained in a number of different approaches, always changing my practice to ensure that you benefit from the latest advances in care.

I use cognitive hypnotherapy, which incorporates practical techniques and encourage you to learn how to change the way you think for the long term. Some of the techniques I may use are:

■Teaching you self-hypnosis
■Creative Visualisation
■Stress management techniques
For further information please visit my website: www.hypnurture.co.uk or call me on: 07983 461073

Loughborough Hypnotherapy – Alison Scobbie:


I am a professional analytical hypnotherapist, discover life and the real you without phobias, obsessions, compulsions, depression or other conditions that are controlling your life.  Visit www.loughboroughhypnotherapy.com or call 07740 166830.


Hypnottik – Roger Knott-Fayle (HPD DipH DipNLP CertDE):

I’m a certified hypnotherapist based in Nottingham. Hypnotherapy combines talking therapy with hypnosis to help deal with a range of issues such as anxiety, stress, phobias, and compulsions.

Hypnotherapy can also help in the challenge to stop harmful habits, and has long history in helping people quit smoking, stop drinking, or achieve weight loss.

Hypnotic trance combined with therapy can also help with relaxation, self esteem, confidence, and much more. It’s about accessing the untapped resources you have within you. Perhaps Hypnotherapy can help you to change, control or understand some aspect of your life. Maybe you have already looked into, or even tried a number of other complimentary therapies and strategies to do this. I understand that Hypnotherapy is not usually the first thing people think of.

I also came to Hypnotherapy as a client, trying to resolve issues in my own life, and found it a very powerful tool. I decided to make it part of my life, and trained as a Hypnotherapist. I feel that if I can help someone else, the way I was helped, I will have achieved something worthwhile. That was my experience, and I understand it may not be the same for you. If you would like to discuss further or for more information please email me on:roger.knottfayle@ntlworld.com or call me: 07816 107 929 (10.00 am – 5.30 pm) and visit my website: www.hypnottik.com

Bliss Detective – Michele Dunster DIPAK, ASK, DPHYPNO, NLP, EFT, DPCT, Graduate of Anthony Robbins Mastery University (Top World Life Coach):

Would you like to be free from STRESS…Weight Issues…Addictions…Food Cravings…Anxiety…Phobia’s…Smoking…FEARS…Panic Attacks…Depression…BREAK FREE from Unwanted Health Patterns…A totally holistic approach to your emotional wellbeing from understanding the importance of the nutritional chemical balance with the body which will affect your moods through to being trained in many techniques to find the root cause of the emotional destructive patterns.  Creating positive change to have a plan for the future, helping you to get back on track and reach for your dreams…call Michele on 07932 608624

Julie Pollock BSc. (Hons), MMedSci, Dip.Hyp::

Do you want to BE BETTER? Be slimmer? Be healthier? More confident?   Julie Pollock

This could be your year – the year that you stop smoking…change jobs…lose weight.  The year you are calmer…less stressed…and sleep well.  The year you choose to become better…

Julie is a fully qualified Hypnotherapist and registered member of several national organisations including: the General Hypnotherapy Register, the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council.  Julie is trained and experienced in many of the latest techniques and uses a mixture of Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT as well as other up-to-date therapeutic approaches so that she can meet the specific needs of each individual and find the best approach to suit each person.

If you want to be better and more in control of yourself and your life phone Julie for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION on 07901 370678 or visit: www.juliepollock.com

Metamorphasis – Rose Best Hypnotherapy:

Hypnotherapy or trance allows the mind to go into an altered state of awareness. The client is in a deeply relaxed state. In control but guided by the Therapist to be able to access the subconscious and make changes to thought and behaviour patterns…anything is possible, if you can dream it, you can achieve it! Metamorphasis Soul Journeys is about making change happen…call me on: 07773 660207 or visit my website www.metamorphasis.org or email me: rose.best@sky.com

Barry Langton – Hypnotherapist:

Barry Langton

I am a qualified, registered and fully insured clinical hypnotherapist and NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner in Nottingham.

I specialise in anxiety and IBS.

If you suffer from anxiety or anything related to anxiety then why not come along for a chat. Hypnotherapy can help you change any bad habits, destructive behaviours and negative ways of thinking.

Hypnotherapy has helped many people to overcome limitations in their lives. People have also used hypnotherapists to improve their success. As long as you are motivated then you can make all the changes you want….visit my website at:  http://www.barrylangton.co.uk/ or call: 07505 459467. Email: info@barrylangton.co.uk

Caring Therapies – Irsha Tariq – Hypnotherapist:

Caring Therapies offers a range of hypnotherapy services to try and cater for all your needs.
These include:

•Stress Management
•Pain Management, including EasiBirthing®
•Stopping Smoking
•Sleep Disorders
Our aim is to offer you a professional, dedicated and caring service. We generally offer our services on a one to one basis in our office location, however group sessions can be catered for. We can either visit you in your own home, your work place/office location or a venue of your choice providing that it will be quiet and relaxing.

Hypnotherapeutic sessions can support a range of issues beside our specialist service of easibirthing we can work with you on individual goals including developing healthier eating habits, (weight loss, emotional eating and dietary restrictions), relief from insomnia and improved sleeping habits, stopping smoking or overcoming other issues. Please visit my website: www.caringtherapies.co.uk to find out more or contact me on: 07954 695970.

Life4livingtherapy – Chris Heath:

I’ve been working as a professional wellbeing practitioner helping many clients with their phobias, anxieties, confidence issues, food cravings and stress challenges.

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic tool which is used to help change behaviour patterns.

Chris Heath

It is based on the theory of the mind/body connection and focuses on accessing the subconscious mind to make positive changes in the body. It is effective at delivering lasting change because it accesses the unconscious mind. It works by combining relaxation techniques, affirmations, guided imagery, reframing and/or goal-setting techniques. Visit www.life4livingtherapy.com or please call me on: 07931 416451.


Make Positive Changes – Claire Cross: BA (Hons); Dip.C.O.T; Dip.NLP; P.EFT; Dip.C.Hyp; LHA; GHR; GHSC


I was trained at the College of Transformational Therapy. I am a member of the Hypnotherapy Association, and the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. Prior to setting up in private practice, I worked for many years as a therapist in the NHS, gaining a wealth of experience in helping people cope with stress, anxiety, phobias and depression. I now specialise in Hypnotherapy and enjoy helping people to make positive changes and to move forward with their lives. After all, life is what you make it, so why not make it better? I am client centred and holistic in my approach, focusing on the whole person, since I believe that the mind and body are inextricably linked. I use the most up-to-date techniques, including Neuro-linguistic Programming and Emotional Freedom Technique. I am also an Easi-birthing Practitioner, enabling me to use hypnosis for childbirth.

My mission: To help YOU….

To help YOU make the changes YOU want in YOUR life! Overcoming any problems, whether they be emotional or physical, so that you can achieve your full potential and become more relaxed, confident and happier. Please visit my website for more information: www.makepositivechanges.com or call me on: 07834 156141.

True North Therapy – Richard Lamb:

Richard Lamb

Have you ever wondered what it can feel like to be free of old, disempowering thought patterns, and self-sabotaging behaviours? Through exploring what your own ‘True North’ means to you, your own inner compass, you can begin taking genuine responsibility for your life. As a certified NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Master Coach I apply a broad (and sometimes eclectic) range of therapeutic approaches to facilitate inner change to meet your individual needs and goals.

So how do I know this may work for you? Simply put, I’ve applied the principles and techniques of my own inner work, and with a diverse range of clients with equally diverse personal issues, so I know the value of these principles and techniques in practice. The strength in my approach with you is to acknowledge ourselves as multifaceted human beings, where accepting the personal reality of the Unconscious Mind, and how unconscious patterns established in the past influence the present and the future, can lead to personal breakthroughs in healing and self-acceptance. So through changing how you experience your inner reality, you transform how you experience your outer reality.

To book your free 60-minute first consultation, you can call the Bay Therapy Centre on 0115 981 3778 or 07824 427252, or email me direct via richard@truenorththerapy.co.uk