Shamanic & Past Life Therapist – Sue Tribe:

Shamanic practitioner, family constellation therapist, clinical hypnotherapist, specialising in trauma issues, child loss.  I have extensive experience working with men and their issues, abuse, vanishing twin syndrome and intergenerational issues.  Please visit my website for more information www.nottinghamhypnotherapy.co.uk or email: suetribe@suetribe.co.uk or call me on 07870 213456.

Turtle Lodge Healing – Jason Sewell:

Healing brings balance and cleansing to the very core of your being on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Through a combination of empathy and intent, the healer “attunes” to the healing energy in the universe and by directing this energy – usually through the hands – the healer seeks to replenish the depleted energy of the recipient.

You don’t have to be “ill” or have a specific disease to receive healing – but many people are living and working in a state of profound imbalance – both emotionally and physically – that can frequently cause a wide range of problems. Healing is a powerful and effective therapy that can help to re-balance and revitalise the individual thereby often preventing disease. Please visit www.turtlelodgehealing.co.uk or call for more information 0115 956 9603.

 Meditation – Marie Krnakova:

Experience the benefits of meditation combined with the healing powers of Chinese five elements Makko-Ho meridians and stretches.  This form of meditation is aimed at anyone who wants to experience a greater sense of relaxation and well-being in their everyday lives and deepen their self-awareness.  Research suggests that meditation can re-balance your physical, emotional and mental state and it’s countless values have been known and practised for thousands of years.  Come as you are and leave your worries behind…call Marie to book your 121 on 07949 453867 or visit www.ma-shiatsu.co.uk

Spiritual Counselling – Mark Halbert BA (Hons) Counselling:

I can offer Spiritual Counselling as a holistic approach to help you to gain a greater understanding of who you really are and help YOU make positive changes within your self and your lifestyle.  Combining my experience in Spiritual Counselling and Spiritual training gained over the last 30 years, we can work together to help you discover where your understanding, beliefs, issues and obstacles lie, find answers and uncover your individual path to your peace, well being, healing, joy and happiness.  I take my inspiration from reading and studying material from Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Roicrucian teachings, Catherine Ponder, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, Unity teachings and a background in Christian Mysticism.  Please call me if you wish to find out more on: 07860 655617 or visit my website: www.pathway2wellbeing.co.uk

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